• Rethm Saadhanaa

    Sanskrit: the devotion to practice ( to reach the pinnacle of musical attainment )

    Currently our biggest model, it is "bigger" only because it has to be bigger to sound better. There is no getting around the laws of physics. It uses our biggest custom-made wideband driver. Again, bigger drivers just sound better and more natural.

    The bass uses a 4-driver isobaric configuration that produces outstanding bass that is deep, precise, and powerful.

    The Saadhana is a no-compromise loudspeaker and provides the demanding listener with the best that Rethm is capable of providing its music lovers with. Tonality, transparency, macro and micro dynamics, detail, imaging.....all within a relaxed naturalness that is seldom heard in audio. ”Zero fatigue” is the defining characteristic of all Rethms.